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Lesson 3: I Do Not Understand Anything I See

Lesson 5: I Am Never Upset for the Reason I Think

Lesson 27: Above All Else, I Want to See

Lesson 34: I Could See Peace Instead of This

Lesson 41: God Goes with Me Wherever I Go

Lesson 75: The Light Has Come

Lesson 78: Let Miracles Replace All Grievances

Lesson 131: No One Can Fail Who Seeks to Reach the Truth

Lesson 137: When I am healed, I am not healed alone

A Touch of Heaven (Excerpt from Lesson 157)

Lesson 199 / 201: I Am Not a Body. I Am Free.

Lesson 220: There is no peace except the peace of God

Lesson 257: Let Me Remember What My Purpose Is

Lesson 267: My Heart is Beating in the Peace of God

Lesson 351: My sinless brother is my guide to peace

Lesson 365: This Holy Instant

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Please note that many of these settings are excerpts. They are meant to help you remember and meditate on the lessons. They're not meant to be substitutes for reading the whole lesson and doing the exercises.

David Fishman interviews Sharon on ACIM Gather Radio.